Fused Zamasu Moveset for Saiyan Female and Human female w/tail

  • descriptionDescription

    As a request for LaReinaConejo [Mafi] I made this mod

    *I change the stand animation on the ground cause the original give you a mutant-like face with floating teeth i hope you don't mind

    *Compatible with tails

    *Compatible with New Transformations by LazyBones

    *No compatible with wings... yet

    I didn't test the human version if there is any bug please tell me...

    well if there is any issue please tell me

    Thanks to t3l3s for helping me with his tutorials

    Don't mind my mediocre english

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Guide in the file

    Tambien hay guia en español


    Delete the "char_model_spec.cms" and the "chara_sound.cso" from "data/system"

  • event_noteChangelog

    0.21 file corrected

    0.2 release