Fused Zamasu with OFFICIAL GAME HALO

  • descriptionDescription

    NOTE: This mod will ONLY WORK as long as Fused Zamasu is equipped with the game's official "Holy Wrath" skill as one of his Supers. It projects the halo from there.

    Special thanks: Azura for giving me permission to embed his Divine Wrath (without halo) mod. The halo would overlap on top of another halo perfectly, so it wouldn't be TOO noticeable, but it's still better this way since it's such an extreme close-up when using Divine Wrath.

    This is just something I threw together because it's really about time we got this OFFICIAL game halo for Fused Zamasu.

    It's not very much compared to a ton of other mods out there, but I've never seen a Fused Zamasu X2M character with the official game halo. I've only ever seen halo accessory objects instead. So this mod will give you the ability to play as a resilient Fused Zamasu with the AUTHENTIC energy halo. Also comes with proper face animations for Divine Wrath ultimate skill.

    As an added touch, the halo shines whenever it reactivates and it has a brief shattering animation whenever it gets destroyed. The halo is destroyed every time Fused Zamasu gets staggered, but it will come right back up afterward.

    To reload the halo, you can either stay still (on the ground or in the air), guard, or jump/fly up from the ground.

    This mod comes equipped with a custom Super Soul that has the following effect (designed to keep the halo active for as long as possible):


    "Behold the power of divine light!"

    [When over 25% Health]

    Grants unlimited Super Armor.


    The character mod has the Super Soul already equipped, but you will need to run the provided installer to add the Super Soul to your game so that it will display properly.

    For the absolute best experience possible, DOWNLOAD LAZYBONES NEW TRANSFORMATIONS to get the perfect rainbow-colored aura to tie the look together!


    • The halo will disappear every time Zamasu takes a hit. It also disappears each time you keep holding down the guard button right after a Just Guard (perfect block). It also disappears briefly when using Holy Wrath, but simply standing still or blocking will bring the halo right back. Fused Zamasu (Divine Wrath) has super armor that is also grab-proof to keep Zamasu from flinching until he has been severely weakened first.
  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Installs as an X2M file in the latest XV2 Installer.

    To install the Super Soul, run "Install custom halo Super Soul.exe" and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • event_noteChangelog


    Initial release



    MASSIVELY improved the mod by adding a custom Super Soul with built-in super armor until Fused Zamasu's health hits 25% or less. This stops Fused Zamasu from flinching all the time and losing the halo. For balancing purposes, the stats for the character have been nerfed as well. They now match the stats of Lazybone's Fused Zamasu.

    The Super Soul can be installed by running the "Install custom halo Super Soul.exe" file that comes with the mod. Fused Zamasu (Divine Halo) is already set up to equip the Super Soul automatically once you've run the installer.