~FUSION WARS 2~The Fall Of Zamasu, The Rise Of The New Gods~

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    Aftermaths of Fusion Wars 1 has led Gogeta SS4 and Vegito SS4 totally drained, leaving behind Zamasu SS4 as their final enemy enemy. But their loss of stamina leaves them no chance of victory over Zamasu. It is now, that they decide on their final hope by fusing into Super Gogitto. Damn! Gogitto can't even go Super Saiyan 4. Having troubles fighting Goggito, Fused Zamasu figures out Super Saiyan 5, and our relentless warrior falls......

    Witnessing the 'universe trembling' power surge from this battle, the Gods Of Destruction from Universe 17 and 18 get curious. They now have arrived on the battlefield giving all of us a last hope of saving the universe from Zamasu. Seeing the over powered Zamasu Super Saiyan 5, these Gods of Destruction, Hera and Yustus will show you their supreme power of a Super Saiyan God and their Legendary Super Saiyan 4 as well. Zamasu is no less this time,  the saiyan within him is hurt as well because of the last defeat he received from Future Trunks. So, Zamasu is going to show you all he has got. Well a little teaser, Zamasu is going to force the gods to fuse as well. Hapahestus, The Fused God Of Destruction is what you are going to witness when Hera (U17) and Yustus (U18) fuse. The Universe crumbles as the Gods break their limits...........


    Please read the instructional images in the compressed files for the installation of White Ki Blade (used by Hapahestus, Super Saiyan 5) and the custom auras (used by all the characters in this mod).

    Get ready to amaze yourself.....

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    1.0 (release)

    1.1 (upadted line textures and few missing and wrong .dyts color files)