Future Trunks DBS Custom Pack

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    Future Trunks DBS Custom pack that i have been working on, including:

    Trunks Base --> SSJ --> SSJ2 Rage (including a custom transformation i made, with ssjbe and ssj effects mixed up and a new moveset i made using some customs/reworked animations i edited in Blender)

    Trunks SSJ4 --> (Including a Custom stance i made in Blender and also using the same Moveset from Base to SSJ2 Rage)

    Trunks MUI -->MUI Rage (Including a custom transformation skill and a different custom moveset i made specially for Ultra Instinct form)

    Thanks to my friends: high-boi Arcky for making the video showcase, Alex (dark god) and Goldfacon for make and giving me permission to use the MUI transformation and 345_boneshoss for the dyts used on this mod (my bad brodar, i forgot to mention you before).

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    X2M installer eternity tool:


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    v1.0--> Initial Release

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