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    Hi!! This is a pack with the main prisoners from the Moro Arc. I've been waiting to upload this pack, because I wasn't sure about the colors of the characters. Now there is an official version of these characters, so I follow that version to make mine. Some are not very accurate, but I must admit that I didn't try very hard with the less important ones.

    In case that version changes in the future, I would adapt the pack to the new look.

    The pack contains:

    • Saganbo (N, Full Power)
    • Tsumorekka
    • OG-73 (N, Giant)
    • Yunba
    • Zauyogi
    • Yuzun (N, Monster)
    • Miza
    • Kikaza
    • Iwaza
    • Miza, Kikaza and Iwaza Fusion
    • Coiter
    • Pasta Macareni
    • Cranberry
    • 4 Random Henchmen
    • Yadrat Sage Pibala


    I hope you like them.

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    Extract the files, then use the XV2 Installer by Eternity

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