General Blue, Master Roshi, Nam, Mercenary Tao

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    Dragonball CaC pack. Special Thanks to Tachi20 for allowing me to use his Nam for this pack.

    To Expect:

    1.1 Thumbnails For: Master Roshi and General Blue  By April 8

    1.2  4 NEW versions of Mercenary Tao with fixed face and different movesets (New Moustache and Chin Shape) By: not soon, currently not on my priority list but Ive already done most of the work so it would be shame to go to waste.

    Final: Thumbnail for Mercenary Tao


    Incoming Mod Pack: Fasha, Android 15 & 14, Sauzer, Yamu and King Cold

    I've abandoned King Kai project, and Android 19 has been delayed due to some technical difficulties. (Same problem with android 15 but it should be fixed soon)

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    Standard X2M

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