Generic Saiyan Mini-Pack

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    This is a mod that was originally had a planned release at 2017, June, but got cancelled. And here it is.

    I made this for the concept of "Custom Parallel Quests" as a side character like Raspberry.

    Includes 2 X2Ms

    This is more sort of a modding resourse for "Custom Quests" rather than a normal mod, but however, they are still normal and perfecly fine X2Ms characters.

    PD: My server is under reconstruction, it got nuked a month ago, thanks for understanding the situation. Also, i'm excited for checking out mods that have been released recently, i was unactive these months.

    As always, these mods are a public modding resource so everyone can use it in their mods. Just credit me in the description.


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    0.5 - Initial Release