GKS (Goku Ultra Instinct) moveset for SYF + Tails

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    If anyone wanna support me and what I'm doing, feel free to click on this link and donate any amount you want 🙂 Don't feel obligated to, though, I just hope everyone have fun with their game :)

    I know t3l3s already made an UI Goku moveset for CaC, I just thought the stance looked weird on a female character and wanted to change that 🙂

    Update 1: Mod now has tails support!

    Update 2: SSJ3 is now working with this moveset!

    Update 3: There was a problem with the tail animation's loop when you stand still in mid-air, it is now fixed.

    Update 4: Fixed some animation and hitbox issues with SSJ3 when you hold down the triangle/Y button. Thanks ShadowCyborg for pointing that out for me! (Please tell me there's no other problem, though!! XD)

    Update 5: Dual Attack support added!!... Kinda... I haven't been able to test this moveset with ALL Dual Attack skills, so far I know that Dual Kamehameha and Dual Final Flash works, though. Please let me know if any Dual Attack won't work. Also, the hitboxes will seem a little... "generous", and the available time for your partner to do their follow up may seem a little short. I may try to fix that one day, but definitely not "soon" :)

    Update 6: Dual Attack confirmed working, 1.3 is no longer in beta 🙂 Also, no auto-dodge option included :)

    Update 7: I can't believe how many updates this got :) But I guess since this is my first mod ever, that's to be expected. This time, I've fixed some floating issues as well as some animations inconsistency. Something tells me though, that I'll come back and make an update 8 at some point, haha :)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Pick a version you want, then put the files inside in your data/chara/SYF your options are either WITH autododge, or WITHOUT autododge :)

    Or, if you want to use it for HUF, rename the files accordingly and put them in data/char/HUF


  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Base version

    1.1 - Tails support added

    1.2 - SSJ3 support added

    1.2.1 - Fixed the mid-air standing still tail loop

    1.2.2 - Fixed some animation and hitbox issues

    1.3 - Dual Attack

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