God of Destruction (Universe 3)

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    This is my take on what one of the 12 gods in Dragon Ball would be like. IT's Name is Arukou (God of Destruction of Universe 3). It's name is a pun for the Alcohol theme all the known gods have. Arukou has no backstory except that Arukou killed the previous God of Destruction for trying to destroy Arukou's planet. Doing this made Arukou the 6th strongest God of Destruction. Since Arukou's name actually means alcohol, Arukou's trait is that Arukou just doesn't give a fuck about anything that is not Arukou's or it's home planet. Arukou's personality is like a drunk kid as Arukou is only 10 years old (which is really young compared to Beerus and Arukou grows just like Piccolo) making him the youngest God of Destruction.