God of Destruction Yamcha

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  • descriptionDescription

    It is time. Yamcha has unlocked the power of a God of Destruction. In his newfound power he has lost much. He can no longer see clearly, he no longer is capable of thought beyond that of one thing: destroy. He seeks to destroy all that has mocked him. All who stand in his way shall perish, and those who do not shall thrive. We have entered the reign of our new god: Yamcha.

    Our god has three different skillsets for utilization, with custom skills developed by the talented GoodOrBadAsh and Dexio, as well as a couple by myself. Thank GoodOrBadAsh for x100 Warp Big Bang Kamehameha and Time Skip/Tremor Pulse as a Super. Thank Dexio for Godly Display and Soaring Combination.

    If you wish to attempt to imitate our god, the skills he uses are more than likely accessible via your local skill shop, where they sell cheap knockoffs of the real things.

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    ....Hello? Oh, thank god. Someone took over my mind while I wrote this description. But at least they didn't lie, I guess.

    Hey, while you're here, you should join GoodOrBadAsh's Discord Server, invite here: https://discord.gg/9rtjRSX

    Update v1.1: Now including a version with the Orange Ultra Instinct Aura from Azura's Aura Pack. This is OPTIONAL.

  • speaker_notesInstallation
    1. Make sure you have Eternity's Installer and Patcher.
    2. Choose your version, Azura's aura version requires Azura's Aura Pack to be installed first.
    3. Install the X2M via the Installer.
  • event_noteChangelog

    v1.0: God of Destruction Yamcha has been released to the world. Bask in his glorrrrrr

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    Sorry. Mod released. Waiting for bugs.

    v1.1: Added version with Azura's Aura Pack.