Godlike Super Saiyan God Transformation (SYM – SYF)

  • descriptionDescription

    Hey guys, Bjorn here.

    I'm happy to finally show you my first ever transformation mod, which is a SSG transformation that uses XV1 legend patrol effects but retextured to have a more firelike look.

    It comes with a custom ultimate for Vegeta (blue galick rush) and one for Goku (blue rush kamehameha)


    Azura for teaching me so much stuff about transformations and for answering countless questions throughout the process.

    The guys in the Citadel server, especially Douglas, Unleashed, Xero, Razedevastator and Pandas for helping me with some issues.

    Lazybone for his eepk organizer and Yuuki for the incredibly timesaving tools.

    Grinns for helping me with the CAC version.

  • event_noteChangelog

    Beta 0.75 - Release

    Beta 0.85 - Added CAC version for SYM and SYF


    Knows issues that I will try to fix for the next update:

    1 - As soon as the transformation ends the character doesn't stay in place but descends back where the transformation started.

    2 - As soon as the fire vortex generates you're supposed to see the shape of the character from the back (like in the screenshot here), unfortunately that only happens sometimes, while other times you only see the fire vortex and not what's inside of it.

    3 - During blue rush kamehameha the initial animation is supposed to be in slow motion, sometimes it is while sometimes it isn't. I'll have to figure out a way for it to be always in slomo.