Godslayer, custom skill with animated texture on it

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    About a year ago i was derping around with somestuff to prove a concept and see if animated textures could be done, and this was the result.

    Skill itself has a slight bug on growth due to animation, because at the time tools were not as updated as they are now, and no i dont intend to fix it, its a year old mod ive been sitting on.

    The main point of this was to see if i can animate textures and isolate them on certain parts, it wasnt ment to be perfect or anything else beyond that point, which is why it functions the same and has same requirements, damage and cost as Sword of Hope

    Heres a link to see the texture moving



  • speaker_notes Installation

    Step 1. Find a wishing well in the store closest to you

    Step 2. Bribe it with some money

    Step 3. Get your wish

    Step 4. Become supreme leader and build a giant pool filled with alcohol

    Step 5. Give Cero exclusive rights to do whatever he wants with that


    Its an x2m, so install it...like any other mod

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