Gogeta Ex CaC

  • description Description

    The is a CaC outfit modeled after Gogeta Ex

    Included are: Face and Hair - Has the files to install the face and eyes of Gogeta and hair made for Gogeta Ex. In order to use them ingame, just set your Mouth/Jaw and Eyes to 1, and your pupils to the last one(the 6th one). Gogeta uses Nose type 1 and Ears type 1. The Hair I made replaces Type 1 for the hair aswell. Feel free to rename anything to have them in seperate spots.

    Voice - Changes Voice 4 ingame to be Gogeta, along with changes the skills associated with Gogeta to his voice aswell.

    Clothes with Tail - Includes all the Clothes for Gogeta Ex, with the Tail attached to the pants. Replaces Gogeta's or Yamcha's clothes. To get the animations to work for the tail use Kingpin's animation files from his mod "Animated Saiyan Tails" link:Animated Saiyan Tail

    Clothes without Tail - Includes all the Clothes for Gogeta Ex, without the Tail attached to pants, so no tail at all.

    Colorable - Includes EMMs for the outfit to make it colorable.

    SSJ3 Files - Included are the Forehead and Eyes so that when transforming to SSJ3 you retain Gogetas brow and pupils do not become tiny.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Clothes, Colorable, Face and Hair: Copy the data folders within to your unpacked Data2 folder, and repack.

    Voice: Copy the data folder within to your unpacked Data0 folder, and repack.

  • event_note Changelog

    v1.0 - Gogeta Ex Clothes, Face and Hair, and Voice - Released!

    v1.1 - Added Colorable

    v1.2 - Added a version with Tail matching CaC Hair color. Added ability to choose whether outfit replaces Gogeta's clothes or Yamcha's clothes. Edited Forehead so it can be used with other hairs.

    v1.2.1 - Edit the Skirt for the Gogeta version so it doesn't clip around the belt for better use if you just want to use the pants.

    v1.2.2  - Added files for SSJ3