Gogeta Xeno’s Vest for CaC

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    The vest that Gogeta wore while helping the Time Patrol defeat the Dark Empire. Now available on your nearest Clothing Shop!


    My back hurts, I'll probably update this tomorrow/day after it shows up for ya'll. Not sure if this was done already, search bar sucks for this kind of things. But hey, at least your kettles can boil all they feel like now! For the time being, it's only gonna be the vest and some pant adjustments. I might eventually come back to it and do the rest. Each race comes with its own twist/interpretation, Saiyans and Humans being the plainer and identical ones, so no pics for them.

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    0.????????????? - Checked for your female apes.

    0.???????? - Added Freeza Race and Namekian variants.

    1.0 - Every playable race support.


    1.01 - Changed the U_0C (Unlock condition/flag) from 32 to 30. Better work now or I'll resort to CBT.

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  • Mod Version1.01 - Still just a vest
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