Gohan Future Revision Moveset & Skill for CAC

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    Gohan Future Moveset Revision and Fierce Combination now for CAC's... only for Males CAC that is :}

    The moveset still has the dash cancels and stamina break cancels... Also, I have added some new snap vanishing stamina breaks into the moveset for combo reasoning, but it's still not potentially the way I wanted it to be, it still needs some work, but still fun to use.

    You can either choose to install the moveset with normal stamina breaks or choose the snap vanishing stamina breaks for preference.

    [For Fierce Combination, there are 3 different options you can choose from;

    One that has the super saiyan transformation with lazybone hair change id (297)... (Only For SYM)

    Another option that has the super saiyan transformation with no hair change... (Only For SYM)

    Or the other option which is just the regular fierce combination without the transforming included... (Both SYM & HUM) ]

    Fierce Combination may get updated in damage wise and availability for other races if possible... (I don't really know when I'll update it, but this may be the last mod I upload due to personal reasons)


    Saiyan Males

    Human Males

    SSJ3 Compatible

    Tail Compatible

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    All x2m, eternity installer :)

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    1.0 - Initial Release