Goku Black Alternative Costumes

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    A couple of alternative customs for Goku Black

    Thanks to Lazybone for allowing me to use his custom Goku Black moveset and Black Kamehameha


    Current costumes:

    • Turtle Hermit
    • Whis Symbol Gi
    • Winter Coat
    • Winter Coat Black

    Ones I'll maybe do in the future:

    • Zamasu's Clothes
    • Fused Zamasu's Clothes
    • Demigra's Clothes
    • Xeno Goku Black Clothes
    • Broly (DBZ and DBS Clothes)
    • Super Baby Vegeta's Clothes

    And maybe doing some requests if I get some.

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    1.0 Release (Turtle Hermit, Whis Symbol, Winter Coats)