Goku Black CAC with SSJ Rose Transformation Mod

  • description Description

    Play as Goku Black in the lobby and story mode.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Read the "READ ME" text file, then follow the pictures that are included with the mod

  • event_note Changelog

    ver 1.1

    - added support for DLC 4

    -fixed camera during SSJ Rose transformation while in the air

    -added a new super soul "Taste the wrath of a God" in the shop (auto dodge, auto just guard, auto super armor, all attack and speed stats increased XL, damage reduction stat increased XXXL)



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  • Uploadertesla2105
  • ModderTESLA2105, UTtank HumuElite, opetura, Someguy363
  • Version1.1
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  • UpdatedJul 20, 2017
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