Goku black fusion with ssj4 Goku (skills update)

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    Hello guys this is my second mod as of now. i have a lot of stuff planed for this mod so look forward to some updates with this mod. ( in no particular order)

    -custom name

    -custom aura

    -custom slot

    I am considering request for characters


    -custom skills

    Fixed problems with skills (optianal super kamehameha black retexture plus name)

    boots have been changed to white instead default color

  • speaker_notes Installation

    this is compatible with both xenopatcher and pack and repack. as of right now i dont know how to use the custom slot thing but as soon as i figure it out you can bet theirs going to be an update



    data>skills>ULT (create folder skills then put in the ULT folder if u dont have) this will replace normal kamehameha with super black kamehameha.


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