Goku Black & Zamasu (Fusion)

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    Hi everyone With new mod Goku Black & Zamasu (Fusion) , we have new custom Super Saiyan Rose Transformation For Goku Black . This Mod , He's a little different to duo-fighter , So that There custom skill Swaps Fighter . This skill once you Transform Goku Black to Rose , automatically activates skill , allows with the ability to switch between Black and Zamas , and At the same time both have same transformation Fusion .


    I hope everyone will enjoy it .^^

    Special thanks to my friend ; MAJESTIC

    Check out its server him , there are Amazing mods you will not find on this site https://discord.gg/PwtxdNM


    big thanks to my friend ; Game Finisher for Thumbnail

    Credits ; Modding Tools ; Eternity/Lazybone/Olganix


    Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/PbkvBbM Join now to see the next work and share your opinions


    My Discord ImE DZ#7223

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    1.0 : Release