Goku Fukkatsu No F Base+New Costumes !

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    This Is My First Mod So i hope You enjoy it

    This Mods has Goku FNF And Many costumes

    If This Mod is used In A Video Credit Must be given to Ali Shaikh(XMurder_Flame)

    Edit: Do Me A Favor Like My New Page https://www.facebook.com/Dragon-Ball-Xenoverse-Mods-1672385539712886/

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    Hi Thanks For Downloading My Mod ! All Credit goes to Ali Shaikh (XMurder_Flame)<------Steam Username Add Me :D 1.Extract Data 2 "extract-data2.bat" 2.Go to Chara in data 2 > data >chara 3.Open "GOK" 4.Copy Everything In the .rar I Provided to "GOK" 5.DONE ENJOY ~Ali Shaikh Next Mod Vegeta FNF Base

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  • UpdatedJan 9, 2016
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