Goku Super Saiyan 9 (My Design/Version)

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    Hi Guys!

    Here I am with another mod for xenoverse 2:

    Goku SSJ9 [This Design of Goku was created by me, It's nothing canonical (Obviously)]

    Hope you enjoy!


    Install Azura's Aura Pack



    1. Ultra Burst Kamehameha (Burst Kamehameha Recolour)
    2. Soaring Fist
    3. Ki Cannon (Ki Blast Cannon Recolour)
    4. Surging Spirit


    1. Ultra One Handed Spirit Bomb (Godly Display)
    2. Super Dragon Fist (Dragon Fist Recolour)


    1. Instant Rise

    I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS MOD, And don't forget to subscribe on my youtube channel


  • speaker_notes Installation

    install with xv2ins.exe

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