Goku (Super Saiyan Hell) + Trasformation SSJ Hell Full Power [X2M]

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    • SUPER
    • Burst Kamehameha (Recolour Pink/Red)
    • Super Mad Dance
    • Ki Blast Cannon (Recolour Pink/Red)
    • Maximum Charge
    • Super Infernal Kamehameha (Super Kamehameha Recolour Pink/Red)
    • Warp Kamehameha (Recolour Pink/Red)
    • Evasive
    • Infernal Explosion (Spirit Explosion Recolour Pink/Black...)
    • Awaken
    • Super Saiyan Hell Full Power (Kaioken x10 Animation)

    Super Soul: Let's just enjoy the game right now.

    In Full Power mode increases the KI,stamina,Basic Attack (ATK),Basic Ki Attack,Strike Attack (STR) and Ki Blast Super (BLA).

    Burst Kamehameha,Ki blast Cannon,Warp/Super Kamehameha I wanted to leave some of the original color,changing the skills only partially.

    The symbol that is drawn in the eyes is the symbol of the devil,of Hell.

    I hope you enjoy this mod! :)

    Updates in the Future!

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