Goku Ultra Instinct Transformable DLC 6 V1.4

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    Hello Guys! this is my new Goku Ultra Instinct Trasformable mod! Now with the original model and new trasformation animation! In the zip file there will be 2 version, 1 of them is the video version with Full Power stats, the other with normal stats.

    New Skill! Super Kamehameha (Ultra Instinct) Thanks To SuperHuman for this one!

    5 Costumes:

    • Undamaged Gi
    • Blue Shirt
    • Shirtless
    • Damaged Gi
    • Whis symbol Gi

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    V1.4- 2 more costumes added. Stats changed a bit. New Skill added. (Watch the video in the comment below to see this new version in action)

    V1.2- Skill localizzate in italiano, Undamaged Gi added, Warp kamehameha changed with super kamehameha. (because was buggy)

    V1.1- Portrait added, Fixed the skills of the second costume. (aggiunto il ritratto e sistemate le skill del secondo costume)

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