Goku & Vegeta (SDBH: Big Bang Mission)

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    Goku and Vegeta based on their current SDBH designs!

    Both can transform from God to Blue and beyond!

    God form - 3 bars ki

    Blue form - 4 bars ki or higher

    Higher forms need a full bar of ki

    Both also have some skills that change when transformed. I originally had more skills implemented like this, as you may have seen from some showcases, but unfortunately a lot of them kept bugging out, so I've been forced to remove them for now. If I find a fix I will add them back in an update!

    Vegeta's moveset also changes with with each form. I would've done the same with Goku, but all his forms minus SSJ4 use the same moveset and I didn't want to use his SSJ4 moveset since I'll be using that for Xeno Goku

    I also made some dynamic-ish intro's inspired by the talented folks at Revamp Team


    The installer is no longer required, simply install the x2m's and the effects will be installed along with them. If you have the previous version installed already, use the installer to remove the effects and update the mod with the new x2m's! 

    Credit to AbyssWalker for making that possible!

    Additional Credits

    AbyssWalker for making the installer no longer required and for providing the optional Revamp model/texture patch

    Revamp Team for their hair and face models/textures used in the revamp patch




    Hope you enjoy the mod!


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  • event_noteChangelog

    Update V1.1

    • Effects installer no longer required. (Only use it now to remove the effects if you have used it already to install them!)
    • Optional Revamp Model/texture patch
    • Camera for Goku's God transformation no longer disrupts you in battle when the AI use it
    • Goku's God transformation now has a second knock back effect, so you're no longer defenceless during the end of the animation