Goku’s Black Proper Clothes for Humans/Saiyans

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    Proper Goku's Black clothes for CaC, ported directly from GKB, for Male and Female.  I made 2 versions(Standalone X2M and Replacing):

    •  Use x2m installer


    • Chose one of these ids: https://xenoversemods.com/forums/topic/full-clothes-id-list/ replace it and move to  xv2 patcher/data/chara/HUM HUF or repack.

    You can buy each part at clothing shop for 10 zenis. (I really don't know why the hands/ring parts are named as "Future Trunks's Clothes (Super)", i tried everything but that costume creator tool or the game keeps renaming it. I'll try to fix that)

    PS: I don't have a Female player here to test my outfit or take screenshots but everything should work just fine, feel free to send me images that i'll update the post.

    PS2: It's not adpated to be used together with the others clothes from the game. You can try some gloves just fine but you'll probably have gapes using with different pants and shirts

    Yeah i know there's already a version around but it seems to be broken with the new DLC so i made my own.





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    X2M installer eternity tool:


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    v1.0 --> Initial Release

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