Golden Janemba (Added Slot)

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    Why you may ask? Just because I wanted to try my hand at Eternity's character creator.

    Why Janemba? Why not?

    This mod comes with its own seperate character slot. Does a Golden Janemba make sense? Probably not but I thought it'd be fun.

    Also, my apologies for the icon. I'm horrible at making these.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    The download is an .x2m-file which means it was made through use of Eternity's character creator. If you've already used Eternity's mod installer before you'll be fine.

    If you haven't then use the following link as reference. All requirements for the tools and how they work are explained very well.

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  • Uploaderunknownguy54321
  • ModderUnknownguy54321 (credit to Eternity for the tools used to create the character
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  • UpdatedNov 28, 2016
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