Gotenks (Trasf. Super Saiyan Blue 1/2/3)

  • description Description

    In This Mod is present Gotenks SSB.

    The hair and eyebrows are blue, like a normal super saiyan blue, but I left the black pupils.

    The Ki and Stamina are much higher than normal Gotenks.


    Update 1.6:

    Gotenks trasformable version (1/2/3)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Open xv2ins into your game folder

    click install

    select the file x2m of Gotenks SSB

    Click Open

    Select "Install to new slot"

    wait a moment..

    Well Done!

    Play the game and fight with Gotenks SSB!

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  • UpdatedNov 5, 2017
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