GT Goku Clothes/ whis symbol with tail Colorable Updated with ssj4 transformable bust

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    Same mod as before, adds a tail gap for the Goku GT Gi to look more natural an the tail doesn't clip through the clothes and the tail transforms color to ssj ssgss and ss4 , just updated with ssj4 transformation, and aligned every texture perfectly, lost of time went into lots, so I hope you guys enjoy.

    Added Whis symbol version per request.

    Note: The SSJ4 transformation doesn't simply make the Gi vanish bt instead replaces it wit a torn shirt around the waist resulting in a more believable transformation

    i'm going to work on requests now which I think ill release in a pack, starting with Nappa suit, training suit and whis symbol.

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    The Usual

  • event_note Changelog

    perfected textures

    ssj4 transformable bust

    corrected weighting on the skirt

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  • UpdatedApr 17, 2016
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