GT Goku (DRAGON BALL FighterZ Gameplay)

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    My version of gt goku instpired by his Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay. his skills has that DBFZ feels to it.

    The skills have 2 variations: 1. one that just you press the skill input (variation 1) 2. one that you press skill input + directions (variation 2)


    Supers: Power Pole Combo/Extend: these skills cost 2 ki bars but deal high damage variation 1 is the power pole extend variation 2 is power pole combo

    Kamehameha/Reverse Kamehameha: variation 1 regular kamehameha that is chargable variation 2 Reverse kamehameha Dash that can be activated 3 times in a row

    Flurry Fist/ Flash Fist: variation 1 Flash Fist that doesn't cost any Ki bars (it even restores 1 bar) variation 2 Flurry Fist a 1 bar dash assault

    Ultimates: Super Kamehameha: variation 1 Turns into SSJ1 and shoots a kamehameha then reverts to base (costs 3 bar)

    variation 2 Turns into SSJ3 and shoots a kamehameha then reverts to base (costs 4 bar)

    Ultra Spirit Bomb: Faster and Bigger Spirit Bomb (costs 6 bars)

    Dragon Fist Explosion: it's in the awaken skill slot and can only be activated while below 50% health.


    Most of his skills have DBFZ voiceover as well.


    Goketer Highceiling and the Revamp Team for revamp pack

    IME DZ for his Ultimate Dragon Fist Skill

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    1.0: Initial