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    I have returned and now with another package of hairstyles as only I know how to do it ... My style, now with the 007 HUM hair that many had asked for and so far I wanted to do it I was going to do the 005, but seeing the Comments through all my mods were the majority who wanted 007 between 005, so I decided to start with that later I will do 005 for those who are interested.


    This moment package includes the SS1, SS2, SS3 and SS4 with an extra SSG, SSGSS and RAGE. You know that with the updates I include new versions for each hairstyle to differentiate, that custom had already been taken away because the last mods included all the transformations since v.1 but I realized that I have left many of my mods that I had promised More updates so I better upload this hairstyle package for now and I will devote a little more maintenance to my other mods.


    As always, thanks to all who wait for my work and leave their comments and if they read the description.

    Until next time. 👋👋

  • speaker_notes Installation

    (You must have installed New Transformations from the Lazybones pack)


    Unzip the Zip and open the respective folders of each transformation and copy them the EMB, EMM and EMD files and paste them in

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 / data / chara / HUM.



    If you want more hair of the game modified by me let me know, if I have the time I will gladly do them. ❤

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    v.1 Release.

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