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    This Mod contains 3 versions of the Hakai technique used by the Gods of destruction, which one you wanna use? is up to you.


    • 2 Supers: the 1st super is the super attack shown in the video and, it's unblockable and works only from close range (like Ki Blast Canon), the second super attack (not shown in the video) it's basically the same as the 1st one but it does much more damage and uses 2 bars of ki


    • 1 Ultimate: this is the second attack shown in the video, this skill is inspired from DB Super episode 91, when Sidra (the god of destruction of universe 9) destroyed a Village with the hakai technique), this skill is the most powerful version and has a very wide range.


    I also added the Hakai's original sound effects + Hakai custom voice for "Beerus"


    Enjoy :)

  • speaker_notesInstallation


    For the ones wondering how to add the Skills and the custom voice for Beerus:


    In my case I just installed a mod called Beerus Full Power (By SK007) and embedded the skills to this added character.


    Beerus' custom voice is already in the skill files, all you have to do is to install an added slot ''Beerus'' and embed the skill or you can use DBXV2 Tool to change the original Beerus' skillset:  https://xenoversemods.com/mods/dbxv2-tool/


    Another way to change the original skillset is by manually edit the custom_skill.cus with the HEX editor, check XAN's tutorial here:


  • event_noteChangelog

    Initial Release.