Hakaishin CaC Transformation

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    Includes: Hakaishin CaC Transformation

    Transform your mortal body into a Hakaishin

    Max Ki

    Max Stamina

    Infinite Stamina

    Normal X2M Method

    The transformation will keep base form colors for the Hair, Eyes, & Eyebrows

    Please Give Feedback/Any Problems With Mod


    Side Note: This transformation will not interfere with Lazybone's transformation pack, also won't interfere with any moveset

    Awoken Skill Animation Note: Hakai animation is used to transform

    Clothing Note: Bust, Wrist, Pants, & Boots colors will match CaC clothing

    X2M Costume (Optional): I included the base form Hakaishin Outfit (Colorable)

    Credit: I really would not be able to complete this transformation without help from users in the Discord Server: The Citadel

    Special Thanks: Discord User Roxas1325, tested the transformations for each race & provided the pictures (Wouldn't be able to make the awoken skill work with all races without his help)

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    Normal X2M Method

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    1.0 - Initial Release

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