Hakaishin Goku Black – Team Oblivion

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    After a couple of months of waiting and working, we've finally managed to finish this mod and are ready to release. This is Team Oblivion's Hakaishin Goku Black! This mod comes with 8 Costumes (Anime Shade Included) and a Few Skills to go with it, more will be added in the future. Credit goes to these members of the Team for contributing for the mod. Infinite Chaos bob345687 Kohai Black CrisGamer27 PeraDMC_95 345Boneshoss Silent Hornor Dark Somath Burr Lolosh GoodOrBadAsh Hope you enjoy!

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    Regular X2M Installation Method

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    v1 - Initial Release

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  • UploaderTeam Oblivion HQ
  • ModderTeam Oblivion with Outside Help from Somath Burr and GoodOrBadAsh (Ex Members)
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  • UpdatedNov 11, 2018
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