Hero Colosseum Skill Editor (Posing Skills/Character Skills)

  • description Description

    A tool that allows you to create new and edit existing posing skills.

    along with editing the text data and the logic of a posing skill.


    with version 2.0 and above, you can now edit Character Skills aswell.


    the tool requires Xv2 Patcher to be installed, since all modifed files will be placed in the "data" directory

    the tool will also read files from the data directory, if a file does not exist then the tool will extract that file from the game files (CPKs)



  • speaker_notes Installation

    Requires :

    .NET Framework 4.0 (or above)

    Xv2 Patcher


    Usage :

    start the tool and select your XV2 Main Directory (if not automatically detected), and that's it

  • event_note Changelog


    added the ability to bulk import / bulk export posing skills/character skills



    more bug fixes and improvements.


    another minor update

    -added the ability to delete a skill.



    minor update that fixed 2 bugs

    -fixed Character Skills not being added correctly

    -fixed how the "EVENT" text got randomely corrupted..


    -Updated CPK paths

    -Now the tool supports creating,editing,importing,exporting Character Skills [File -> Switch]


    add multi language for MSG files


    Even more bug fixes


    added the ability to import / export skills from the "file" menu. this can be used

    to share skills with other players.


    Bug Fixes


    Initial Release

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