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    I have created some OC villains for my CAC/OC  and a Saga for each one As Knyer power was rising with XV and XV2 events  (Like getting SSJ3 and Blue power  normaly ) under the logic of the events after Trunks wish  , but as she had an origin (A red tail only relevant in alternate events , but the same nemesis ) history an more adventures to live when returning to her dimension:

    *Knyer joined the TP at her 21 years ,then leaving the TP at her 35 years *She is just a half blood saiyan , nor a princess neither an OP Saiyan *My second CAC , Varhazej   was her best friend ,they did a fusion * Her best friend from her origins  feels like when Masami Kurumada invents Isaac for Hyoga ( refer to Saint Seiya) *The best way to set custom TP is after XV2 events linked to the path when she leaves it


    -The ungrateful revenge Saga

    • Liot : The Galaxy governor and murder of Knyer parents The final battle against Lysk Knyer was set in Krövadir planet when she returned with a RM Saiyan form Probably , in his final form ; as powerful as Golden Cooler. ;:_;:;:_;:_;_:;_:;_:;:_;:_;:_;_: - The Last Cell Jr Saga
    • Cell jr : The last Cell jr ... showing up in a alternate GT crossed future Gohan s timeline Were only Bra and the daughter of Knyer lives ... In this alternate timeline , Knyer was leaving her TP work to leave with another TP , and she had a daughter all was fun an parties , till one  day this reversed place was destroyed by the androids and everybody was murdered then Cell Jr kill Knyer as a welcome He uses the Final flash  As such a God Cell this is the only villain with more than a decent power. ;_;_:;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;_:;_:;_: -The Demon Awoke Saga
    • Shukumei : A makai disguised as a kai , that was able to become the Kai of the universe after trigger the wheel of an evil plan  ; the first time was defeated by Knyer daughter , Rycelle . but ...The Kai of that year who was defeated in a paradox , then se reborn in a demon form . one of her powers consisted in disrupt traveling between dimensions space and time ,  after getting the Holy dark Dragon Balls and absorving them ... Her power was able to cross reality so she was generating a deadly threat Her first target was Lysk , and she was  cursed. Her second target was the merged herself and the Knyer SSj4 , some time before Cell Jr events Her third target was Knyer black Her last target was the present Lysk a lot  of years before the TP so Shukumei was not counting with Lysk TP friend Varhazej and powerful fusion , Varhanyr Ironically Varhazej was destined to die  few years later, under an incident.Bad luck Shukumei.Omnipresent but not stronger than Towa
    • Cursed Lysk : In an alternate timeline ;under Shukumei power ,Knyer suffered a painful mutation that makes her body try to reject the demon DNA but ending with a transparencies  on her skin making visible the cursed demon skelleton obliterated to hunt all of her existence Your worst enemy are yourself
    • Knyer Black : As Shukumei saw Zamasu actions, she was feeling inspired However ,this action maked her to defeat villains from several timelines An antihero?;_:;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;_:;_:;:_;_:;_:;_:;:_ -My Dear friend ... Saga
    • Generbau :  The Legendary Saiyan from year 2245 , A Trunks fault by summoning Knyer to year 852 (XV2 timeline) So when Knyer finally leaves her TP work  and returned to her homeworld , her best friend was not happy at all. A permanetly broken friendship , even Knyer figured out that Geverneu had a powerful transformation under her rage but controling herself with the only goal of destroy KnyerThe end of a friendshipHeroes :Wyrell :Knyer s father ,a descendent from a large line of eartling Saiyans , he dominates the SSJ MM he was killed anyway ...His ancestor is more like a DB Online character? , yes completly true
    • Neo Ztenlhan : A mutant artificial alien life ; the result of ancient human colonist experiments, resulting on the DNA crossing of scorpio and mantis in the Tryadium labs ;those that evolved after 2000 years  from the black Ztenlha species  became the Neo Ztenlhan , however , is inmune to the fire as the red Ztenlhan. They have development a fierce weapon that is capable to revert a Saiyan transformation , making them weak enough to be ripped into pieces , being injured deadly by foolish lasers  , being turned into ashes or even  converting them into food .The Daevri Galaxy Saiyan have energy shields , but an Ztenlha cannon has a dangerous rangeOrigin : Milky way, Aegis system , planet Ztenlha ;While they were looking for a way of resurrecting extinct species .  Now they re the rulers of the entire Aegis System and are currently in a war with the Daevri Galaxy , exterminating the blood-line of Saiyans survivors conquering their dominion"The green Ztenlhan doesnt taste good ,puaj!!""thought that a red ztenlhan was falliing accidentally into lava but no , it was swimming""I discovered an even more evolved Ztenlhan , because of instead of joking on me , it was ignoring me, just like cats. but after a closest approaching and by using my universal translator; According with the tool, he said : "Get out of here , wh***" "Xenologist L. Knyer Aegis wildlife book 2246 ;_:;_:;_:;:_;:_;:_; Heroes:

      Kinoko: A pure blood Saiyan ,The mother of Knyer , she was able to reach a SSJ3 form ...in Hell , trained by Raditz of course , she was killed tooLike when a Saiyan couple survive in a hidden galaxy , and had a daugther ...  ;_:;:_;:_;:_;_:;_;_ Rycelle: Timelines hybrid , The daugther of Knyer . once she was possessed by Shukumei to gather info about the holy dragon balls that were turned into Dark holy But Rycelle still alive.Her mother was an SSJ4 and her Father a SSJ Rage  ;_:;:_;:_;_:;_:;_;_ Jurzar Draconis: My OC , as a TP and he has a Dragon armor he was not so active but someone had to defeat Cursed Lysk Knyer.Looks like my OC is doing more in the game events  than here ...  ;_;_:;_:;:_;_:;:_;_; Bra : This daugther of Vegeta had Rycelle as her friend ,as even Pan is dead in this timeline. but a Pan Bra fusión was possible in other alternate events.


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