Hit (Tournament Of Power) (Hit w/ New Skills)

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    Hit with his skills from the ToP! (Minus the phasing skill.) This mod is basically just hit with new skills including: Paralysis, Sudden Death Strike, and Chronic Breaker.

    (Credits to Re:try and Team Aurora for the 2 modded skills, yes he gave me permission to post this)

    Sudden Death Strike: Basically Hit's shockwave, one shot insta-kill.

    Chronic Breaker: A move where at the first second Hit is standing still, the next he is pulverizing you with one of his signature combo's.

    Paralysis: Bootleg time cage lol

    Just a simplistic skillset swap, nothing special.

    NO! This hit does not come with the ultimate anime shaded texture shown, I have a texture for the whole roster installed, so it affected the mod aswell.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    XV2 Installer

  • event_note Changelog

    V1: lackluster skillswap, maybe someone can change the ean of paralysis to look like the Time Cage he did against Jiren?

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