Hit’s Moveset Reworked!

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    hey it's me, not much to say here honestly. it's just hit's moveset (same animations) but I changed it up to my liking.

    This does not work with majins nor frieza race as of now, this includes female majins. I'll eventually add them in when I'm not too lazy to do so. tail support is included, dont be that guy that mindlessly asks that question. (unless you're unleashed since that clown will probably do it anyways)

    the video is pretty bad for showing off the moveset honestly, just wanted to upload so I did, it does show the moveset off a bit though.


    - the heavy alt combo has a chance of not working properly, as in the effects and sounds and camera activate a bit early. nothing I can really do, it's just how it is.

    - THE GRAB DOES NOT HAVE A CAMERA YET. no need to tell me, im aware. im making a custom camera for it.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    x2m, LB installer, and instructions in .rar

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 - release


    Update 1/28- The purple aura-like outline now has an installer. Uninstall previous versions of this moveset before installing this one, the new x2m's have the new effect set up properly applied.

    Added Hit (Awoken) as a new character with this moveset, lemme know of any issues you run into. As the moment he doesn't have Pure Progress due to some technical issues I'm having trouble fixing.

    Next update will have the moveset working for ALL races. Be on the look out for that.