Homer Simpson (custom moveset, skills and voice)

  • description Description

    The most important character in dragon  ball lore that everyone love comes to xenoverse with brand new combos, skills and voice made by the italian  of the many faces "Tesla" you should thank him for this awesome masterpiece

    with 2 shadings, H graphics they suck and vanilla

    He comes with some skills, 5 or so i don't remember

    With a custom moveset and a sexy voice made by the god Tesla

    And 3 costumes:

    Casual, Can Keeper and his most powerful form that we all saw in the episode 100000 of the anime Donut God Ascender Blue UI Mastered

    There are a few more stuff but i don't remeber just try him i know that you love him


    And Thanks Thomas for the Portrait


    If you have problems with the instalation, contact us in Tesla's discord server

  • speaker_notes Installation

    X2m magic (install with eternity intaller and patcher)

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 Release