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    More Homing Ki Blast. Cuz, why not? *EDIT : Tagged this also as Cheats. Not for visibility. But technically these skills are pretty cheesy.*

    Putting Skill info is kinda messy here. So here's a Google Doc link to the skill infos. Click -> Skill Info

    ~Skill List~

    Flash Bomber V2, Homing Chaos Shot, Homing Death Beam, Power Impact V2, Vexation, Finish Breaker V2, Sonic Punch, Bloody Sauce, Handy Cannon V2, God Splitter V2, Flash Bomber V3, Rough Divide, Kamehameha V2, Pierce Shot, Light Wings, Big Bang Attack V2, Deicide, Deicide L, Light Wings L, Light Wings Evasive, Shocking Death Ball V2, Super Banishing Ball, Godly Display.

    *Light Wings is exclusive to Female Characters.*

    *No Skill Info and/or Description for skills that are only "For Giggles". There will be no list for them either. These skills are subject for removal or change without notice.*

    Next updates will or might contain skills that will probably make no sense and is/are really Over Powered. These skills will just be there for giggles.

    Updates are gonna be slow. I'm figuring out what makes what works. Trying to learn how the homing properties of Assault Rain works. This has been an interest of mine since my first homing mod*

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Use XV2INS to install the X2M files.

  • event_note Changelog

    2.0 : Added Light Wings L and Light Wings Evasive. Deicide now allows you to switch targets during charge.

    2.01 : Slight fix and tweaks to Deicide. Added Marbling Storm as the very first "For Giggles" skill [Will not be listed and No Skill info will be available for this and any upcoming "For Giggles" skills].

    2.02 : More tweaks to Deicide. Projectiles that persist after being interrupted will pursue targets if trying to do Deicide again. Added Serious Bomb V2. Opponent is poisoned, slowed, and aggro to you if the last hit of Serious Bomb V2 is dealt.

    2.03 : Fixed Skill type of Serious Bomb V2. Serious Bomb V2 now behaves like my custom character's ultimate. Destroys(?) target on last hit. Deals 50 hits total.

    2.04 : Added Milky Cannon V2. Added Nine Banger [For Giggles]

    2.05 : Added Blood Rain

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