Jill Valentine Outfit (HUF/MAF) with Gun Skill ALL RACES

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    Goku shoots Frieza video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfSNHpL0E9A

    Discord Server:https://discord.gg/gaB3CNJ

    Discord Name:Hank Hill Propane Prince#5923

    To celebrate the new Resident Evil 3 remake I decided to share and convert to MAF my Jill Valentine RE3 outfit.

    It will be called casual outfit in the store.

    The Female Saiyan / Human (SYF and HUF ) has 2 slightly different colorable variations. The second one has a gun and a little RE5 reference.

    The MAF (Female Majin) has one costume variation which includes the gun.


    I also had a gun with the outfit and thought it looked strange so I made a skill to accompany it and then decided to make a gun skill/rist for every race, even male Majins.

    "Gunshot Skill" covers the female characters.

    "Gunshot skill other races" covers Any other race besides male Majin like Frieza race and Namekians

    "Gunshot Skill Majin Male" Covers Majin Males.

    The other X2MS are for the gun rist which you have to buy from the shop.


    As a bonus there is a Goku with a gun and the gun skill as seen in the video.

    Note: For some reason, everything listed here requires story mode progress,I will find out what leads to this soon, buy these on the character furthest in story mode even for use on others. Apologies.

    From what I was told a save editor can circumvent this.

    Thanks to "Son PootOs" for testing.