Kaioken Kamehameha Skill Pack

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    X4 and X20 Kaioken Kamehameha converted into Supers. They do 2.5x more damage, have slight knockback, and even added some camera shaking to make it seem like a more powerful skill. Find both in the shop for 1 Zeni. The second screenshot was caught mid-combo if you're wondering why it looks like a melee skill.

    I take requests for skill conversions and custom skills. (If the skill is a blast, then I can't convert it into an awoken because it would be in-compatible with X2M.) If you want me to convert a skill from a mod, then you must get permission from the creator first. If the skill is from a DLC, then you must provide the files for the skill and it will not be released as a mod (which means you must also provide a way to contact you (whether it is discord, email, etc. it doesn't matter))

    Request mods here --> https://xenoversemods.com/forums/topic/request-mods-here/

    (I had to make a page, because it's starting to get hard keeping track.)

    My mods are allowed to be used for your mods if wanted. No credit needed. (Though it would be nice to send me a link to your mod. I'd like to check it out.)

    Requested by: Harsh Yagami

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