KAIOKEN Patch (vanilla skill using lazybone’s control scheme)

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    A simple edit to make VANILLA KAIOKEN skill use Lazybone's control system. This will NOT install a new skill, but instead edit the already available vanilla skill.


    Why even use VANILLA KAIOKEN when there's already better custom Kaioken transformation mods available ?


    Because. Most, if not all, of those mods have broken features:

    • Stamina drain speed, stamina not draining correctly.
    • Which, in turn, causes: you don't untransform (and guard broken) when your stamina is empty.
    • Also, you don't untransform on guard break.


    These aren't bugs, but instead limitation of the game. So, VANILLA skill FTW.






    --Multi-Choice System:

    Pressing the awoken skill button will either transform the character into the next form, or revert to base form if there is not enough Ki or the max stage has already been reached.

    While the transformation animation is playing out there is a small window of opportunity for additional input to be entered, and if so it will then re-direct the transform to another stage.



    These are the buttons used:


    • Ki Blast Button: Go to highest possible stage (KKx20)
    • Heavy Attack Button: Also Go to highest possible stage (KKx20) (similar controls to SSBKKx20)
    • Light Attack Button: Go to second highest possible stage (KKx10) (similar controls to SSBKKx10)
    • Guard Button: Untransform (reverts to base form)








    If you have sound issue (character voice during skill) , delete the files  CAR_BTL_M005_KOK_F00_VOX.acb till CAR_BTL_M005_KOK_F14_VOX.acb for females, and files  CAR_BTL_M005_KOK_M00_VOX.acb till CAR_BTL_M005_KOK_M14_VOX.acb for males from the path data/sound/VOX/Battle/Skill/en.







    Dimps for XV2


    Lazybone for transformation stage system

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    Copy data folder to your main XV2 directory. Replace if prompted.


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    Initial release.