KAKAROT Style Super Saiyan Auras + LAZYBONE

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    Hello and welcome to the KAKAROT Style Auras mod!

    This mod replaces all auras + Super Villainous and replaces the LB characters auras!

    We have some issues with crashes here and there. To refresh simply go to data/vfx/cmn and delete all of the contents in that folder.

    Do not delete the folder its self.

    Next if you are a Lazybone user go ahead and reinstall his mod  and select Anime Style Auras. For me it works both ways with the xv2 style but try both.

    If you are a REVAMP user go ahead and reinstall that too!

    Lastly install this mod to insure cleanliness! If you have already installed the ALL IN ONE mod inside simply reinstall it.

    If you want my mix of LB and Revamps Cmn folder i can give it to you via Discord. I'll be putting it on my phone as well so everyone can get it whenever i can manage to send it!

    I wont be putting it up here because revamp is a non resource mod. Thus respecting wishes!

    Deez Mods Only#5633 for my Cmn refresh folder

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  • event_note Changelog


    Super Villainous has been added to the folder and the ALL IN ONE installer

    Super Villainous always had a ki charge but was replaced by Darkness Mixer for Vanilla Characters. This means vanilla characters would never use it. Use these numbers for CAC and XV2 Characters in Skill Creator to use the Super Villainous Ki Charge:

    Boost Start:190                                   Boost Loop 191

    Boost End: 192                                   KiaiCharge:193 <This has been given a remake

    KiryokuMax: 194                               Henshin Start: 290 <Always Visible Aura

    Henshin End: 292

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  • ModderDeez Mods Only, LB CREDIT for the UI Dot effect and SSRKOK cbind.
  • Mod Version2.0 Complete Roster With Boost Loops + Lazybone
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  • UpdatedDec 26, 2020
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