KAKAROT Style Super Saiyan God Aura

  • descriptionDescription

    This mod is permission granted to those who wish to use the assets. Please just give credit when used. Thank you.

    Before you ask me why UI lines are in there please play Dragon Ball Z KAKAROT and go Super Saiyan God...

    I will not be adding anything else to this version simply to differ SSG from SSGSS which I will also be touching base again with the same KAKAROT style. Though it will take more time to do so if you like this you'll most likely like the SSGSS version as well. I already have a specific mind frame for it so it should take a decent amount of time i will work on the favored white inside but not the yellow outline as that is not shown in game only the anime.


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Click to install. See the read me for LB stuff.

  • event_noteChangelog

    N/A for now might add small stuff later.