Kale (Berserk)

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    Made with Legends and XV2 assests.

    Portrait by VaiJack8

    The shirt, skirt, gauntlets and boots are from Legends, the hair and face are heavily modified Broly assets and the rest are xv2 body parts.

    Sorry, but no custom moveset here. Since Kale is basically a female version of Z Broly, I figured his moveset and most of his skills will suffice. Apart from Gigantic Rage and Gigantic Roar, which I decided to add on just cuz I like them. Custom skills may be added in updates later on.

    Comes fully voiced with the official English voice of Kale ripped from Legends. (Sorry, but I will not be adding her Japanese voice, due to it being difficult to locate the voice files and because I don't personally play with that voice setting myself)

    Hopefully we can get Broly out very soon for you!


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