Kamehame-Flash (voiced by your CAC!)

  • description Description

    Hello there and welcome! This skill here is an alternate take on the combined Final Flash and Kamehameha skill used by Vegito. Dubbed "Kamehameha-Flash". This mod is fully voiced by all of the CAC voice options available (both in japanese as well as english!) as well as Gogeta and Vegito (the ones in the video are not included). The attack is balanced, damage-wise between Final Flash and Final Kamehameha while also costing 4 ki bars to perform.



    If you wish to use the skill with Gogeta or Vegito, simple re-purpose one(s) you already have in the character creator. Or simply lookout for my Vegito/Gogeta swap which should be coming soon!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install the skill via the X2M. You can buy it at the Skill Shop for your CAC like any other skill.

    Merge the "data" folder provided in the download in able for the characters to be properly voiced while using the attack.