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    I realized how fun it is to do combos, so I decided to make a nice balanced skill that was great for chaining at the start/end of combos. Also, I know that warp effect is slightly bugged, I don't know why, as I always copy it directly from Warp Kamehameha, Any way, here are the stats. Find in shop for 1 zeni.

    Kamekameha used as a base.

    2.5x faster animation

    1/2 damage

    Warp effect (for some reason misses sometimes?)

    Increased size of hitbox for beam slightly

    I tried to make it balanced enough so that everyone could enjoy it.

    And yes I spelled combo like kombo... deal with it.

    I have a Discord now. Feel free to join! https://discord.gg/TZxPkfa

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