Kefla Themed CAC Skills

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    First and foremost, the Kefla character mod is not mine and not included in any way shape or form in this download. The skills included work for CACs and if you want you can change the skill slots for downloaded characters yourself with the character tool by eternity.

    The mod used in the preview is this one:


    I would have normally had a more thorough preview but my recording software and computer were not getting along well this time for whatever reason. Things I couldn't properly record: High kicks teleport behind enemy; Bullet charge's super armor charging through ultimates


    1 KI

    High kick

    A basic strike move, less damage than evil whirlwind but no charge up time and can be used mid combo usually, teleports behind the enemy when used while guarding.


    0.5 KI

    Bullet Cluster

    A set of 3 green orb ki blasts that track the enemy and are nearly instant. can be used at point blank as well. Low damage but the small hit stun can let you move closer and start a combo or reset for an infinite combo if you're close


    2 Ki

    Bullet Charge

    Based on Keflas attack she first tries to use on UI Goku. by holding/releasing the input for this skill you can extend the time and distance you fly (and have super armor for breaking through supers/ultimates) If you're too close when you activate it you'll whiff right past your enemy (just like in the show) Does a ton of damage and is very quick.


    Lightning Beam


    A repeating short range beam that has very good tracking and stuns the enemy when it hits them. Does a lot of damage and has a medium charge time.


    Bullet Storm


    Small charge up before releasing a continuous stream of red homing KI orbs.


    Final Weapon


    Medium charge up for a high damage beam attack; does more damage the closer you are.

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