KF Goku Black (fused Zamasu Fused) / Altered Moveset

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    So here he is, KF Goku Black (Fusion Zamasu Fused). This mod took longer than expected, but here it is. A Regular Zamasu Fused version should come out soon after this. Also, the altered moveset is different from a custom one. I changed the combo strings of Rosé Goku Black's combos, and I changed 1 move that would connect and fix the combos that did not hit properly.

    Also, thanks to Sam_SYI for the EX Band. He made the entire asset.


    _T422_ [Model, Custom Moveset]

    Arcky [Video, Screenshots]



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    v1.0 - KF Goku Black + Altered Moveset

    v1.1 - Custom Portrait by Tio KKX

    v1.2 - Added Fusion Zamasu's hair + alternate Rosé hair

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