KF SSG Goku (Goku Black Fused) / Custom Moveset

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    We have put so much effort and work into this mod. It took longer than any of our previous mods, and we hope that you enjoy! This mod utilises both SSG Goku and Rosé Goku Black to form: KF SSG Goku (Goku Black Fused). Most of the time that went into this mod was making the custom moveset the best one out there, and making the model work with the custom animations. :D

    Also, thanks to Sam_SYI for the EX Band. He made the entire asset.


    _T422_ [Model, Custom Moveset]

    Arcky [Video, Screenshots]



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    v1.0 - Added KF SSG Goku (Goku Black Fused) + Custom Moveset


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  • ModderSyntixis (_T422_, Arcky, DiegoForFun, Zall) Sam_SYI (EX Band)
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